We offer multi-day horse back riding vacations that will take you on a spectacular journey through exclusive parts of Costa Rica not seen by many tourists, and full of the natural beauty unique to the province of Guanacaste, home of the “Sabanero”, the local Word to describe a cowboy.

Jorge Sauma, a local farmer and horse enthusiast, and his team, whith their extensive knowledge and connections, will bring you deep inside the real culture of Costa Rica for a truly authentic experience.

Our relationship with horses and our handling and training practices are based on the principles of Natural horsemanship. Respecting and understanding the nature of the horse, how they think and how they learn, communicating with them through their mind, in their language, is our way of developing a soft, respectful and responsive horse. Quality horsemanship is what we strive for.

Well cared for and well trained, reliable horses, are our number one priority. We deliver a very exclusive and authentic experience, for horse people who will appreciate and enjoy a solid and educated partner on the trail.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the ride!

Look forward to share the ride and our culture with you!

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